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This is Garnet by mumblingRain
This is Garnet
This is who we are!! This is who I am!!!

if u havent seen the steven universe episode "jail break" this Could be spoilers so dont read past this point

BIG SQUARE MOM!!!! AND small moms ;___; i love this show so much

the small lesbians on the top (who are thousands of years but like. 4 feet tall its cute) TRANSFORM/COMBINE to become the tall hot one on the bottom 

the ones on top are called Sapphire and Ruby (im sure u can figure out which is which)

on the bottom is Garnet and i love all of them So Much…    
Improvement Meme by mumblingRain
Improvement Meme
OK SO ages. AGES ago. nearly 4 years. i was 11 years old and i tried to practice drawing dark skin and faces.

and rn i am drawing my OC (on the  right obviously, her name is Angelica NAyes)
and i thought. why not.

so i put them up together and gave myself a real pat on the back because damn son i did good
Sunbath by mumblingRain

ok so

OC from rp : > hes an artist who cares lots abt looks and likes the sun and flowers…… also has a bf
Poachers by mumblingRain
hello there ! i am so sick i think my sinuses are imploding, but here is a drawing that is my god damn child. i love this drawing. it is my baby. is lens flare still an acceptable filter to use?

ive been working on and off on a sci fi project for the past 4 or so years and it is probably awful…… anyway.

the creature in the BG is called a Jada, and it is the largest landliving creature in the galaxy. they walk on all six limbs (the one in the picture is atm rearing to attack and roar), and from foot to horn tip they measure 120 meters (which is above 300 feet i think it might be 400?? REALLY big)

attempts have been made to measure their weight, but they are too fuckin heavy to figure out (but it is approximately 400k tons, making them the heaviest known creatures in the galaxy)

how are they so big? Well, here are some reasons!!
- the planet they live on is a pleasant 64% of earths gravity, meaning that they on that planet only weigh 250k tons
- they have several organs in their bodies producing light materials like helium, decreasing their weight by 10%
- their blood consists of other light materials
- their planet has twice the amount of oxygen compared to earth

some more facts 
- they are so big they need 2 hearts and 2 brains. The primary heart is a regular heart (but dark red-purple in color) that pumps blood, and the secondary heart is only a smaller version.
- the secondary brain isnt so much a brain as it is a cluster of nerves located at the pelvis, causing the Jada to have a very fast reaction and reflex time
- they have 3 pairs of "breathing holes" along the peak of their chest, to maximize breathing (opercalcum)
- the best classifcation would be mammal-reptile-bug
- they produce extreme amounts of heat while running or moving, and that heat exits the body either by the many breathing holes or by the spikes on the back 

also also! they are hunted by poachers and what not. some of their organs produce substances that work as drugs for humans as well as every part of them being sellable on the black market.

ive had them conceptualized and to be drawn since 2013 and then. Recently. after watching thew new mad max and godzilla. one after another. i made this.

god bless Tom Hardy.    


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Venusaur-mega by CreepyJellyfish
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mumblingRain Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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Have you seen the film "Naked Lunch" ?

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mumblingRain Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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looks interesting 
L0NE-W0lf Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
It's more than interesting - it's morbidly intriguing; grotesquely delicious. You have been warned. Best of luck on the other side.
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